Happy Places

Have you ever been somewhere and just stopped for a minute, taken a real deep breath and just felt completely and utterly relaxed?

For me that happens in one of three places;

Hill tops
Beaches / By the water

It’s hard to describe but the feeling that washes over me when i get to the top of a hill or climb a mountain isn’t just pride and amazement that I’ve survived, but pure unadulterated joy. The type of joy you want to clap your hands, jump up and down and click your fingers all simultaneously.

Being next to water is different, for me it brings a wash of calm, now some may argue the lapping of the waves on the shore is symbolic of the fluid in the womb and the feeling of love and care and support from mother to baby. However i would like to believe its because deep down “I AM MOANA!” and the water is full of adventure and amazement and excitement, alongside calming influence with its vast power and ability to tear down mountains, whilst in other places being a babbling brook.

I think in life we often forget how much pleasure we can gain from the simple things like nature, how spending just one hour of your week walking in the hills, or strolling the shore of the beach could be a hugely positive thing for you and your mental health. I know for me when I’m feeling overwhelmed and claustrophobic my first point of action is to get either as high up a hill as possible or as close to the water as i can.

Maybe next time you’re feeling like that, you could give it a shot and let me know if it works!


-K xx


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