The Extroverted Introvert Paradox

I have always been described as an outgoing, excitable person with an extroverted personality, a real glass half full kind of girl.

When I was younger the worst punishment imaginable to me was to go to my room, alone, with no company. I was worried i was missing a party, and in my little mind there was always a party going on!

Progress on twenty odd years and I appear to have flipped the other way, something i have noticed more recently – and i’m not sure if its a new thing i’m just becoming aware of or if its always been there. Is that if i don’t message or initiate conversation first then it simply doesn’t happen, now that doesn’t seem like an issue for an extrovert I hear you cry.

This is where the introvert paradox comes into play, perhaps my exterior personality is that of an extrovert but if I truly listen to myself and think about it, am I an introvert? Do I prefer my own company, do social situations make me want to go for a nap, am I happier solo? A further question would be is that okay? Can an extrovert become an introvert, and conversely can an introvert become an extrovert?

I’m not entirely sure what it all means, and to be honest i’m not sure if it means anything at all, perhaps it is simply me awakening to the idea that there isn’t always a party going on, perhaps time alone is actually a good thing and just maybe if people want to talk they will message you first and you don’t need to always initiate.

-K xx


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