Wandering into your life…

Do you ever sit back and look at all the hundreds of people that have wandered across your life and wonder where they went, what are they up to now and do they remember you.

I’m not sure why, but recently I keep catching myself thinking of people I’ve come across anyone from the guy who served me coffee in Starbucks to friends from school to dates I’ve been on. It’s a fleeting thought, a momentary madness some might say but mostly just curiousity.

I wonder if they felt me coast across their life in the same wave of calm or if I crashed through like a tornado or whirlwind of excitement, emotion and energy. I remember once a boy describe me as a whirlwind when I broke up with him and I never understood why it was a bad thing. He said I came into his life changed it all about and left all at once and so fast he wasn’t even sure it had happened, now to me in my naive mind that was almost a compliment! Guess who’s an optimist?! I figured it was great to have someone with a burst of energy come in like a breath of fresh air and re-allign it all, now that I’m older I can look back and see what he was trying to say.

We walk, run, skip and slide in and out of people lives often without conscious thought, minding our own business focussed on our own means however I think it’s nice to sit back and look at it from an outside perspective, if for nothing else a bit of self realization and momentary mindfulness.

Anyway enough random ramblings and brain dumps for one night, let me know your experiences and if you’re a whirlwind or wave of calm.


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